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Rocket Valley Tycoon

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Enter the space-race in Rocket Valley Tycoon, a free-to-play resource management game inspired by the golden age of futurism. Build Factories and Railroads, construct Rockets and send the good people of Earth to colonize space.
Extract Resources & Manufacture Components
As an aspiring Rocket Tycoon, you begin your first business on Earth, where you will find primary resources like Gold, Carbon and Sulfur. Your goal is to extract those materials, refine and combine them to produce Rocket components and build your first Rocket. Your first mission is to launch a Rocket and colonize Mars, where you will find new materials, set your second business and continue to explore and colonize space. Extractors and Factories allow you to gather materials in their pure form and process them to create Rocket components.
Build Railroads & Train Systems
Constructing Railroads allows you to transfer materials between Extractors, Factories, Cities and Warehouses. Trains include several upgrades that allow you to transfer more materials in less time.
Complete City Quests
The Cities of Earth and other planets will require primary resources and components. By fulfilling their needs, you will earn money rewards, boost the production of the area around the City and receive Keys that will unlock new areas of the planet that you’re at.
Follow the Rocket Tech Tree
Manage your resource extraction by studying the Rocket Tech Tree carefully and combining your manufactured components in the right order to build a Rocket.
Build Warehouses
Warehouses help you organize your production line by storing and selling selected materials.
Collect SmarteX
SmarteX are technologies that will help you improve and customize your Extractors, Factories, Warehouses, Cities, Launch Pads and Trains.


Rocket Valley Tycoon Rocket Valley Tycoon
Rocket Valley Tycoon
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